Strider (formerly Triumph) | Owner: Lisa Lydon

"I love everything about Strider (formerly Triumph)! I love that he comes to me when I walk out to the barn. I love that he is so curious, playful, and smart. He is very easy going and nice to ride. Four days after bringing him home I threw him in the trailer and went to a 4-day clinic. He was awesome! People couldn’t believe that I had only had him less than a week. He tries to do and understand everything I ask. All in all he is a great partner. I love that I walk away from my rides feeling happy.

I plan on just having fun with this horse. I enjoy learning new things and striving to be a better horsewoman. Strider is the perfect partner for it. Cowboy dressage is on top of the list, along with trail riding, horse camping, maybe a shorter endurance rides.

I became interested in Mustangs several years ago after going to an event that had mustang adoption on site. I walked through the corals and something in the eyes of these horses resonated with me. I have always loved mustangs but never considered owning one. The more I learned about mustangs the more I wanted one. The plight of the mustang is heart breaking and I was interested in doing something to help. My hesitation was knowing I did not have the skill to train a wild horse. So when I found myself shopping for a new horse I asked a woman I know who is a TIP trainer about trained mustangs. She referred me to MCR. 

I now have this beautiful, kind, intelligent, willing partner out in my pasture. The best part is knowing the money I paid for this gelding will go to helping more wild horses find homes."