Jedi (formerly George) |
Owner: Lisa Flood

"I love Jedi (formerly George) for so many reasons!   His personality is affectionate and a little goofy.   He is a fast learner, and was well started by the trainer at MCR. He is calm and levelheaded for his age.  I could tell immediately that many of the potential ‘green young horse’ issues had already been worked through.  He has great conformation and is a pleasure to look at. I also love that he gets along easily in a herd environment with my other horses.

Jedi and I have been together for about 18 months so far.  We had a few glitches in our early relationship, mostly due to my poor riding skills and lack of confidence. Thankfully, my trainer Stacey Riggs is a patient and consistent teacher. We are coming along very well now with improvements every ride. We just began showing in the American stock horse Association shows.   We also do trail riding and horse camping.  

I chose to adopt a formerly wild horse for several reasons.  Before I began taking lessons with Stacey, I followed her adventures with gentling and training wild horses. I also knew other people who had mustangs and I like those horses.  I believe in adopting animals rather than encouraging breeding. When Stacey met Jedi, she thought he would be a good fit for me, because my Arab mare had turned 29 as was beginning to slow down.  She just had a feeling that Jedi and I would be a match.  And she was right - I fell in love with him the moment I saw him."