Jedi (formerly George) |
Owner: Lisa Flood

"What I love about our MCR horse Gus, is that I know he has had the very best of care and training since coming to the Ranch. I know that the horses at the Ranch have a solid foundation and that Director of Horse Training, Nancy, will be honest and upfront about any issues or concerns she may have. 

My daughter Reagan is currently competing with Gus at the American Stock Horse Shows. They compete in reinging, working cow horse, ranch trail and stock horse pleasure. We also use him for trail riding and loving on. He is the first horse to come greet you in the field.

We have been involved with Mustang Million and Extreme Mustang Makeovers and that is part of our connection with MCR. We love the clean slate and versatility of the mustang. We have brought 8 MCR horses up to Oregon and they are all now in loving homes. They are good minded, sure footed and a pleasure to be around."