Montgomery Creek Ranch (MCR) is a 2,000 acre sanctuary for wild horses in Northern California. There are currently over 200 wild horses living in the big herd forever free, and 20-30 younger horses in training on site. We are developing a facility that will accommodate programs and visitors at the ranch.

Our Mission

MCR is dedicated to providing refuge, opportunity and space to wild horses.  We believe that the best life insurance for a young horse is training.  We are investing in our young horses so that they can be adopted and make room for other wild horses that have lost their freedom and families.

Refuge for wild horses that have been rounded up and removed from Western public lands.  The over 200 wild horses in our big herd are not eligible for our training program and will remain 'free' to roam at MCR. 

Opportunity for willing younger wild horses that can be gentled to find good homes through training and adoption. When someone adopts a rescued mustang from MCR, we are able to save another from the BLM holding pens. 

Space for people and horses to connect and learn from each other through education, art, and horsemanship.