Montgomery Creek Ranch (MCR) is a 2,000 acre sanctuary for wild horses in Northern California. There are currently over 200 wild horses living in the big herd forever free, and 20-30 younger horses in training on site. We are developing a facility that will accommodate programs and visitors at the ranch. We have both saddle and companion horses for adoption.

Beyond adopting and caring for wild horses, including rescuing them from slaughter, Montgomery Creek Ranch (MCR) invests significant time and energy to training suitable horses. Learn more about our training investment.

MCR saddle horses are ready to ride! These horses were gentled and started at MCR and are ready to be your partner. Our saddle horses have been ridden extensively around the ranch, in all kinds of terrain, up and down hills, through water, alone and with other horses. Adoption fees for trained horses range from $1,750- $5,000.

New saddle horses are coming soon! Email for more information.

There are a few horses available for adoption at MCR that are not suitable for riding. These horses have been gentled and love being with other horses and people. All have good personalities, do not require special vet care, and can keep up with other horses in a pasture. They like to play and move at all gaits at liberty and do not appear to have anything wrong with them. We are making these horses available for adoption so that they can find a forever home and possibly be a friend to a horse that you already have!

New halter-trained youngsters are coming soon! Email for more information.

At MCR, we believe that training is the best life insurance for a horse. We pride ourselves on giving horses in training a solid foundation of ground work before they are ridden. Our horses are gentled using Natural Horsemanship methods. Training prospects are good minded, have good conformation, and have potential to excel in many disciplines.

MCR has helped over 60 horses find new homes.

When you adopt a horse from Montgomery Creek Ranch, you are saving another horse that we can rescue from high-risk situations including auctions, the slaughter pipeline, and government holding.

 What I love about our MCR horse Gus, is that I know he has had the very best of care and training since coming to the Ranch. I know that the horses at the Ranch have a solid foundation and that Director of Horse Training, Nancy, will be honest and upfront about any issues or concerns she may have.
— Gus, owners Stacey and Reagan Riggs