Why our horses are a good value

We invest a lot in our horses. Beyond adopting and caring for wild horses, including rescuing them from slaughter, Montgomery Creek Ranch (MCR) dedicates significant time and energy to training suitable horses so that they can be adopted. 

Many hours (sometimes more than a year) and thousands of dollars go into each horse before we make them available for adoption. It’s a labor of love and we couldn’t be more proud when one of our horses is adopted into their forever home. 

Below is a breakdown of the costs associated with MCR adopting/rescuing horses, caring for them, training them, and preparing them to be adopted by you. We’re giving these horses their best chance to be safe and have value. Our adoption fees range from $1,750 to $5,000 depending on the horse.

what we invest in an mcr trained horse

  • Initial Adoption Fee Paid by MCR: $25 BLM sale authority or $125 BLM adoption fee. Horses from auctions/kill pens cost from $600 to $800 average.

  • Cost of Shipping a Horse to MCR: $100 to $1,500+ depending on where the horse is coming from

  • Boarding and Training Fee: It costs MCR $500/month to board and train each horse at our facility

  • Trimming, Worming, and Vaccinations: $300 per year

  • Vet Costs: Anywhere from a few dollars to thousands

Average cost to MCR for a horse to spend one year in our training program: $6,675

Each horse adopted from MCR enables us to adopt and save another horse from slaughter.