Indie (formerly Troy) |
Owners: Kama and Ian McMurray

"It's been a bit over a year since Indie (formerly Troy) came to us. I love his ability to adapt, live in the herd and be a horse.  It sounds simple, but they have bred a lot of "horse sense" out of horses in barn programs. 

Today we are pulling out for another trip, packing into the wilderness and Indie is my husband Ian's lead ride, hauling a string of mules, stepping through the forest, meeting hikers, dogs and adventure with a calm demeanor, steady hand and strong legs. 

We had criteria for our next horse, and none of it said 'mustang' or 'wild'. Indie was brought to the ranch with Stacey Riggs from MCR, along with some clients and friends of hers to enjoy a trail ride. My husband swung up on Indie and it happened. That avatar moment where the connection is made and 'two' become 'one'. Indie did not yet have the experience or confidence, but we could see that with time and patience he would become a great horse.

We are equally grateful and amazed and hope to bring one more magic horse from MCR into our lives this coming year."