Little Red (formerly Jax) |
Owner: Brandi Raeburn-Hill

"I actually never considered adopting a mustang until I saw Red's (formerly Jax) picture. It was love at first sight, and I knew we were meant to be together. Now I'm a huge mustang fan, and plan to adopt another one soon! 

I think my favorite thing about Little Red is how versatile he is. No matter what I want to try, cattle sorting, jumping, trail riding, obstacles courses, going to the racetrack, he is always 100% willing to jump in the trailer and go.

He's been the best partner and even though he's feisty and a bit of a mischief maker, he is always ready to try something new! We have some fun clinics and obstacle challenges coming up, and we're working on hitting our goal of 100 trail miles this summer."