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Indian Horses:


Apache Raine

Raine is a light buckskin filly, born at MCR on 03/09/14. Raine has a special kind of presence around her and is calm and sweet. She stands with her own opinions on her long elegant legs, proud and sure. Raine has been taught to lead, halter, be handled all over, trimmed and trailer load. She is ready for a patient and kind home, where she will be treated with respect and sensitive understanding hands. She will grow to be a tall, strong and powerful mare. Raine was born with a club foot, and underwent surgery to relax the contracted tendon and straighten out her coffin bone. She was brought to UC Davis for the surgery in November 2014. She is recovered and 100% sound under saddle.


Banjo was born at MCR on 04/02/14. He is a very calm and thoughtful gelding. Banjo likes his meals and is very appreciative to stand quietly next to his person and figure out what is being asked of him. He enjoys walks around the ranch on a lead line, and loves being brushed and petted. Banjo has a strong build, and will be a good sized horse. He is wide in the chest and already has a round and well developed hindquarter. With nice movement, Banjo will make a lovely riding horse, and a calm trail partner.


What a handsome boy Cruz is! Cruz is a palomino gelding with four white stockings and a blaze down his face. Cruz is sure to grow into a stunning horse. Born at MCR on 04/22/14, he already has a strong, broad chest and developed hindquarter. Cruz is kind and curious, and loves a good hug. He is approachable and can be haltered easily. Cruz leads, picks up all four feet, stands for the farrier, and has a soft feel on the line. Cruz has a nice foundation, is a quick learner, and will be fun to work with.


Denver was born at MCR on 04/19/14. He is one of our mellowest weanlings. Besides being loving to his people, this gelding is quiet and doesn't get riled up by much. He loves to play and run around in the pasture, but when it comes to being haltered and time to focus, he is a wonderful student. Denver has the disposition and conformation of a quarter horse. His neck, chest, barrel and hindquarters are muscular and filled out. Denver is easy to halter, lead, pick up feet, stands for the farrier, and is learning to yield appropriately to pressure.

Miss E

Miss E is our classy lady. She is calm and quiet, respectful and smart. Born on 04/24/14 at MCR this young filly is a quick learner, and is usually the first to get haltered. She knows how to lead, stand for the farrier, be wrapped at the tie-rail for grooming and knows her basic hindquarter and forquarter yields. Miss E has a sturdy build, and will grow into a good sized horse. 


With a splashy blaze and lovely dun body, Galaxy is a beautiful big boy. He was born on 05/06/14 at MCR. He is a very curious and sweet young gelding. Galaxy loves to participate and know exactly what's going on. In fact he's the colt to nibble on your clothes, taste the flag and the body brush before anyone else. Galaxy is a fun guy, enjoys walks in the pasture, and is very well behaved. He stands for the farrier, leads, can stand wrapped at the tie rail, enjoys being groomed and knows his basic yields.


Born May 7, 2014, Henrietta is one of our special weanlings.  She was one of the first of the weanlings to be touched during the gentling process. She is a very sweet and spirit filly. Often being the first horse to approach you in the pasture and sniff you all over, Henrietta really grows on you. She is a long legged beauty and a very nice mover. She ties, leads, picks up her feet and stands to be groomed. 


Our fuzzy dear Iris. She is the epitome of an adorable baby horse. Iris was born on 06/05/14 at MCR with a joint locking malfunction. She has a rough first two months of her life, and was brought in and handled quite a lot as a foal. She is a nosy, confident filly. She is a joy to be around, and has learned she can be independent of the other horses. Iris is very easy to catch and halter, in fact she'll catch you first! She leads, wraps to the tie rail for grooming, stands for the farrier, and has learned her basic yields.


Born on 06/15/14 at MCR. Journey is a palomino with a white blaze down her face. Being the youngest of the weanlings, she was the slowest to bond with initially, and the gentling process in itself was quite a journey! Once we could touch her, the foundation we worked hard to build with Journey fell into place. All at once, Journey was being haltered, led around easily, and would stand nice and still for her feet to be trimmed like a professional. She enjoys long walks and is becoming a confident partner. 


TWO - Three Year Olds

Al Pacino

Al is a thoughtful and steady young horse. He loves going on hand walking adventures on the trail, and is a brave horse to have at your side. He is a quick-learner and puts a solid effort into engaging with you. His build is like that of a Quarter Horse; he is very robust and his hindquarters, barrel, neck and chest are muscular and filled out. Al may grow to be 15 hands. His sweet and gentle demeanor set him apart from the rest; this hardy horse has a heart of gold.


Apollo is a handsome gentleman-like horse. He is 3 years old and 14.3 hands and still going, and is very well behaved. Apollo stands proud and tends to consider himself quite the regal gelding. Without hesitation he will follow you through even the most treacherous terrain, stand still while your try to find a path and patiently stand while being groomed and have ropes swung around him. Apollo is learning to wear a saddle, and ride while still enjoying his ranch hikes to continue his overall development. 


Clementine is a lovely coming two years old, mare. She is strong and short coupled, built to get low and move some cows. Clem is light and attentive, but still needs more hands on to build her confidence in new things. She is curious, and loves to go on hikes to explore different terrain. Clem picks all four feet, leads, still wrap ties, sends on a circle, and is confident in her basic backup forequarter and hind quarter yields. She saddles nicely western or english, and is getting more exposure on the daily. Clem will need a confident patient person to continue her education, and build her further towards her grand potential.


Cowboy is a playful 1 ½ year old, and he's a stunner -- with four white stockings and a blaze. He enjoys nothing more than kicking up his heels out at pasture and being taken out to be groomed and loved. His build is more slender, and he has long legs and a high stance that make him appear to be very proud. Being sensitive, Cowboy requires patient leadership so he can build into his calm and curious mindset. He has a good foundation in groundwork, and can lead, tie, stand patiently for the farrier, load into the trailer and be saddled english or western. Being a friendly guy, he is sure to catch you at the fence and remind you to come and play.



George is a curious and kind young gelding. With wonderful floating movement, he maneuvers himself with a playful elegance. George is very social and loves to play with his herd, however when it's time to learn he focuses nicely and has progressed very well in his training. Being just shy of two years old, George already knows how to tie, trailer load, lead, be saddled english and western and has had a rider lay on his back. George has spent many miles hiking and trekking on trails around MCR with his saddle on. While exploring he has been exposed to anything from wild boar, herds of wild horses to water filled creek crossings. This horse is growing into a dependable and capable horse.


Gus is a 1 ½ year old bay gelding. He has a leaner, more Thoroughbred like conformation. Athletic and strong, Gus is a pretty mellow guy. He likes to go on hikes through various terrains, and stands quietly when precarious situations occur. Gus would rather follow than lead his person places, but is learning to be sent out in front, to gain more experience going first. Gus has been saddled, ties, leads, stands for the farrier, loads in the trailer and has a nice soft feel being worked online. With continued development and growing, Gus will become a really handy riding horse.


Panerai is our big strong mellow friend. He is a 2 year old golden chestnut gelding with a bit of a Roman nose. He is calm and satisfied to go on long wandering hikes all over the ranch. He is dependable and quick to learn. Already standing close to 15 hands, Panerai is going to be a pretty good sized full grown horse. He knows how to tie, load, stand for the farrier, work online, work with the saddle on and stand patiently. Panerai will make a lovely, quiet riding horse.


Shirley is a 2 year old dark bay mare with matching hind socks. She is a hyper sensitive horse, who is often willing but can be pushed into a panic easily. She has had quite a lot of work to build her confidence, and will need an experienced horseman/woman to patiently continue her development towards being a more steady dependable partner. Shirley is an introverted horse, tending towards internalizing her fears until she bursts out with her worries all at once. She is a lovely mare, ready and eager to learn but will need a lot of consistency and patience from her person.


Tynen is one of our most mellow horses. Standing nearly 16 hands this lovely 2 1/2 year old Indian gelding looks like an appendix QH and has long smooth movement. He is smart and thoughtful, willing and soft. Tynen came to MCR with an imbilical hernia. Which was treated at Davis and has since then fully recovered. He is now continuing his training, learning to hold a saddle, rider and develop further into the wonderful horse he is.


Toano & Pilot Valley Horses:

Three - Four Year Olds


Adele is our mother like mare. She is a 4 year old Pilot Valley mustang mare and she takes wonderful care of her people. Always the first to come say hello, Adele practically puts her own head into your halter in hopes she's the one your going to take out. As a 3 year old, Adele was started in Reno, NV at the "Becoming a Horseman"event. At the end of the third day she was even starting to move cows with her rider. Since then, Adele has returned to MCR to grow and mature. She is a smaller mare, 14.3, ties well, enjoys being groomed, loves to go on trail rides, and has a lovely feel to her. 


Rocker is a 3 year old, sweet and steady gelding. He enjoys running and romping with his friends in the herd, and exploring on rugged trails with his person. Not one to be easily spooked, Rocker is a true rock out on the trail. He has been saddled and laid on, ties and stands well to be groomed, have his feet trimmed, and has basic ground work down. His playful nature will inspire you to refine your horsemanship and dream up new adventures to take him on. He moves well with certainty on rocky terrain and lives up to his name. Frankly, this horse rocks, and is ready for a loving home to continue his development.


Splash is a 4 year old Pilot Valley mustang mare with a beautiful eye. She is a truly fantastic riding horse. Very calm and quiet, even a herd of wild horses running by, only makes her tilt her ear in their direction, but continue on. For her young age, Splash has aquired a nice amount of riding, trails, arena work and even as jumped a few small logs. Although a slender build, Splash is strong and very steady on her feet. She is light and responsive, and will do very well as a family horse.