Sponsor Basho and Nick: Best Friends for Life

basho and nick 2.jpg

Nick, a beautiful wild paint, was found early in the morning on December 12th, 2013 by Oregon Department of Transit workers. The roads were extremely icy and the crew feared he could cause a serious accident. The workers followed his tracks to a nearby off-road, where it was obvious he had been released from a trailer. In collaboration with the local Sheriffs Department, they were able to move him to a safe area before dark and the horse rescue nonprofit, Sound Equine Options broughT him hay to encourage him to stay in the area until morning. The next day, Sound Equine Options were able to capture him and bring him to their facility.  They tried to gentle him, but he couldn’t get used to having his head touched. His tongue is split, an injury that could have happened while being mishandled by people. There is also an old, deep scar running across his nose so we assume that has something to do with his facial sensitivity. MCR was contacted and we said we would accept him into our wild herd.

The same week that Nick came to the Ranch, we took on a young BLM mustang named Basho. He had been rescued from slaughter by the nonprofit SAFER of Sonoma. They had rescued him but he found that he wasn’t suitable for adoption, and they didn’t have a place for Basho to live out his life. As a handsome paint with a troubled past, we took the leap. Basho came to MCR and was put into quarantine with Nick. They despised each other. It was almost funny how much they did not like each other, wouldn’t even acknowledge each other… that is until the day they were turned out on the ranch with the big herd of 200 forever wild horses. 

On the day that they were released onto the property, the big herd came up to greet them, they were terrified and the handsome paints suddenly became best friends and disappeared for almost a week into the hills of MCR. We searched for them for days, and finally they appeared, at the edge of the big herd, and eventually they made some friends. Basho and Nick are still always together.

basho and nick 3.jpg