Sponsor Luna: The Grande Dame of Deer Run

Luna- Deer Run.jpg

Luna is the lead mare of the Deer Run herd — a small band of wild horses that lived outside Carson City, Nevada in 2013. Over tremendous community opposition, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) trapped and removed these horses that had lived wild and free on the historic Virginia Range for many generations.

Although heartbroken that the BLM rejected its pleas to work with them to keep the Deer Run horses wild and free on the range, the local community created a plan to keep this family together by sending them to us at Montgomery Creek Ranch. The Deer Run herd are representative of so many wild horses that lose their place on our public lands, and why we advocate for common-sense solutions (like birth control) to be implemented on the range. 

Luna is now in her late twenties and is inseparable from her look-a-like daughter, Diva. The two were named by the community that loved them in the wild. Also part of our Deer Run herd: Moon Shadow who is Luna's son. Rio was a stallion with the Deer Run group. Cocoa and several other mares make up this band of 9 horses. When they were introduced to the ranch several of the mares were pregnant, so they spent time in a pasture before being turned out. Bravo, a BLM gelding from the Fox Hog HMA in Nevada, and the lead horse in the film, American Mustang, attached himself to the two white mares and became Rio's lieutenant. This group of 9 horses are tight and rarely socialize with the other horses at MCR. They have a special status at MCR, and we respect their strong sense of family.

Members of Luna’s Herd