Sponsor Brownie: An Older BLM Mustang, Saved from Slaughter


In 2019, MCR team member Rachel came across a post on Facebook of an elderly BLM mustang at an infamous kill pen in Texas who would be shipping to Mexico to be slaughtered the next day. The photo depicted a very thin, older mustang with a visible BLM freeze brand on the left side of his neck, standing tied to a post — dejected. We assumed that he was being used as a riding horse until the time he was sold at auction because he had shoes on his front feet.

We stepped up to buy him, and made arrangements for him to be quarantined and then shipped to MCR in California.

We named him Brownie. From his BLM freeze brand we learned that he is 26-years old and was rounded up as a foal in 1993 in Nevada. He is extremely personable, gentle, and likes to follow people around for pets and scratches. It seems like Brownie had someone who cared about him at one time in his life, and we wondered how he could end up in such a sad situation. 

He handled the trip to California like a champ. Everyone who met him along the way commented on what a sweet horse he was. And how much he likes people. 

Brownie has Cushing’s disease which is common in older horses --  a dysfunction of the pituitary gland that results in hormonal imbalances. He will be on a daily medication to help with the Cushings, and make him more comfortable while he grazes with his new friends in pasture.

Over 130,000 horses a year ship over the US border to Mexico and Canada to be slaughtered for human consumption in Asia and Europe. We hope Brownie’s story will shine a light on the fate of horses that end up at auction.