Horses in Training / Available for adoption

Horses are available for adoption on a discretionary basis. Contact us for more information.

These horses were born in the wild, on the open range in Nevada.

Some are originally from the Pilot Valley/Toano Herd Management Area (BLM) near West Wendover. (Born 2010 and 2011) These horses are more classic mustangs with a high percentage of Spanish blood. There are a lot of grullas, duns, and red sorrels in their original herd, now in the big herd at MCR.

The McDermitt horses are a little taller, bigger horses, with thoroughbred or draft influence. Born 2010 - 2012 (Their Mom's are at MCR living in the big herd. They are branded, very nice quarter horse types.)

Please feel free to email us for more information.